IPad Wine Menu Offers Restaurants Affordable Way to Increase Wine Sales and New Customers

Uncorkd is a new solution for restaurants, hotels and nightclubs to create their very own wine list on an iPad tablet. Over the last year, dozens of America’s top restaurants have been spending big bucks for custom-made iPad applications for their wine list to a great reception from their customers. Restaurants that have switched from paper menus to iPad wine menus have seen wine sales increase as much as 20%.

Uncorkd is different than existing solutions that cost an arm and a leg because it is a web-based platform that makes creating an iPad wine menu affordable for any small, medium or large restaurant. With Uncorkd, restaurants have full control over their own menu, with the ability to customize the look and manage their wines in real-time. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars to find a software programmer; in as little as 24 hours a restaurant can be up and running with their very own iPad wine menu.

“We saw a lot of restaurants wanting to take advantage of this technology, but couldn’t afford to spend tens of thousands of dollars to try it out. As a result, we decided to build a web-based platform that allows any restaurant, with any budget, to have their own iPad wine menu and quickly and easily increase their wine sales,” according to Joshua Saunders, CEO of Ideavation.

For diners, it’s like having a personal sommelier right at the table. The Uncorkd application enables guests to sort the wine list by varietal, price or region, or search for wines with specific tastes or characteristics. Unlike a traditional wine list, Uncorkd enables restaurants to have detailed information on where the wine comes from, a full description, image of the label, tasting notes, and much more. Diners love having this information at their fingertips because it helps them feel more comfortable ordering wine and finding one that is right for them.


About Jeff Cattell
Working to provide information, service and value to independent restaurants.

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